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Our team of veterinary professionals is dedicated to delivering the best customer service and compassionate care to you and your pets.

head-vet-tech-evan-franklinEvan is Hospital Manager at Falmouth Animal Hospital. He started in the kennel eight years ago and has worked his way up through hands-on learning. His favorite part of work is being able to help animals in need.

At home, Evan has a cat from St. Thomas Rescue named Charlie, and a dog from a pit bull rescue named Xena. In his spare time, he enjoys music competitions, sports, working on his car and being outdoors.

vet-tech-ariel-pimental-catEver since she was a little girl, Ariel knew she wanted to work with animals. She attended the Animal Behavior College and today works at Falmouth Animal Hospital as a veterinary technician.

Ariel's favorite part about her job is learning something new every day, and getting the opportunity to be with animals every day. Outside of work, she enjoys working out and playing with her two kids in the park.

vet tech jackie trapp horse regal Jackie always knew she wanted to work with animals, ever since she started riding horses at the age of five. She has managed horse farms throughout her life and went to school for Animal Science.

Jackie's favorite aspect of the job is knowing that she's helping to make a difference in the lives of animals and their owners. She has two dogs of her own, Cheyenne, a Catahoula X Blue Heeler, and Bear, a Keeshond, as well as a Quarter Horse named Regal.

vet tech sarah whitehead dogs Sarah is a veterinary technician at Falmouth Animal Hospital. She has always had a passion for working with animals ever since she was a little girl. She started at the young age of 15 working as a volunteer at the MSPCA. After she graduated high school, Sarah went on to study Veterinary Science at Becker College in Worcester, MA.

Her favorite part of her job is helping clients better the health and wellness of their pets. Sarah has a young son named Mason, a French Bulldog named Fiona and a Corn snake named Ruby.

When not working, Sarah enjoys spending time with her family, going to the beach, and going on nature hikes.

vet-tech-missy-iverson-dogMissy is a veterinary technician at Falmouth Animal Hospital. Her fascination, curiosity, and love for animals has always had a big impact on her life beginning at a very young age. After graduating high school, she received a Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Sciences, and plans to continue her pursuit to join the veterinary profession.

Missy's favorite aspect about the job is providing quality health care for patients, while keeping clients at ease knowing their pets are in great hands. In addition, she greatly enjoys working with and learning from talented doctors and staff who are deeply committed to the wellness of animals in need.

ccs kathy dog lilli Kathy is a receptionist at Falmouth Animal Hospital. Her love of animals has brought her into the veterinary field. She has a black Lab named Lilli and two cats, Kitay and Jazmyne.

In her spare time, Kathy enjoys walking with Lilli, watching the New England Patriots, cooking and gardening.